​            Testimonials

A Selection of Testimonials

As a result of working with Jonny, I have a far greater awareness of myself and my team and this has contributed to me and the team improving our performance at work, due to better teamwork and understanding of each other.  Jonny has a calm and reflective style of coaching and is personally very engaging and able to put people at ease. He is insightful and, perhaps uniquely, is able to draw upon from his roles as a general counsel and an Olympic athlete to illustrate a point or provide an alternative perspective. Lawyer, City Law Firm

Jonny was able to successfully filter the noise around development options to really help focus on what mattered. This was done in an engaging and genial style with appropriate challenge. Partner, “Big four”, Financial Services Firm. 

Working with Jonny in his capacity as a leadership coach has helped me to take a fresh look at my values and the important influences in my life; that increased awareness has enabled me to take actions to further develop my career. Jonny and I had a very open dialogue which enabled me to benefit from Jonny's combination of challenge, reflection and information. Partner, City Law Firm.

Jonny is an excellent coach with a highly effective and engaging style. He combines keen analysis with the ability to ask the right questions and before you know it you are at the heart of an issue, making real and meaningful progress. He comes highly recommended. Partner, City Law Firm.

Jonny's coaching was hugely valuable in helping me assess, engage with and ultimately overcome personal blockers allowing me to achieve key business objectives. His engaging style combined with his experience in delivering at a high level provided the ability to talk through and around issues. I'd highly recommend Jonny as a coach to anyone looking for a way to improve the way they approach areas of concern at work, I'll certainly be making use of the tools we developed as part of the process in the coming years. Entrepreneur and CEO.

The coaching sessions with you were helpful in getting me to focus on my priorities. The hardest part of career development is identifying opportunities and these can be very personal. Getting me to understand my priorities and my preferences was just what I needed to prepare me to identify those opportunities.  Senior in-house Lawyer, International Business.