Each coaching arrangement is personalised and situation specific but my focus is always on helping the individual to develop and to achieve their business targets, which should be aligned with the expectations of the business sponsor, where there is one.

My coaching approach is grounded in a belief that everyone has the ability to make positive changes.

The quality of the relationship between a coach and individual is the start point for the effectiveness of coaching so I aim to create an environment of trust, openness and honesty. I work very collaboratively through dialogue and support. I also believe that it's useful for me to provide a significant level of reflection and challenge  when appropriate, within the security of the coaching relationship, in order to best help an individual to make positive changes.

I explore the individual’s awareness and help them to be clear about what they want to achieve, and the actions, strengths, habits and assumptions that will help them to achieve it; to find ways to deal with potential obstacles; and to be aware of their underlying motivation, confidence and commitment.

My approach can vary from non-directive coaching to more co-creative mentoring so I use examples from my own experiences in elite sport and business when it may help the individual to do so. I also use tools and exercises when it may help the individual.

Consistent with my experience in sport and business, I’m committed to continual performance evaluation, so business sponsors and clients are encouraged to review the effectiveness of the coaching and the individual's response to it during and after the process to ensure that the individual and business sponsor are obtaining the expected return on investment.

Jonny Searle Consulting


As a result of working with Jonny, I have a far greater awareness of myself and my team and this has contributed to me and the team improving our performance at work, due to better teamwork and understanding of each other.  Jonny has a calm and reflective style of coaching and is personally very engaging and able to put people at ease. He is insightful and, perhaps uniquely, is able to draw upon from his roles as a general counsel and an Olympic athlete to illustrate a point or provide an alternative perspective. “ Lawyer, City Law Firm

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