​           Coaching & Mentoring

I support people as they understand themselves and their world; identify what success means to them; and take action to make changes in behaviour, belief and commitment to achieve that success. 

​My relation based coaching style; comprising trust, challenge and insight, has proven to be successful when working with individuals and groups; particularly in relation to personal effectiveness and motivationteamwork, collaboration and communication; and when preparing for and adapting to new roles or a changing environment. 

Some of the goals that have been achieved by people I've worked with include:

  • Identifying the real issue
  • Getting out of the weeds
  • Understanding and valuing differences in others
  • Valuing yourself and your time 
  • Self-motivation
  • Speaking up
  • Hearing the quieter voices
  • Prioritising
  • Avoiding procrastination and executing 
  • Understanding trust given and trust earned
  • Managing your energy
  • Performing under pressure
  • Maintaining focus on your target
  • Managing your blind spots
  • Recognising your strengths
  • Developing client relationships
  • Communicating with your peers, your team and your manager

My coaching approach

I work in collaboration with individuals or groups and their business sponsor. We explore awareness of self, colleagues and the environment; clarify the objective and understand the changes and actions that will be needed to achieve it, then we move towards that objective.

My coaching is built on a base of open and confidential communication and a few key elements; underlying trust and belief in the individual’s potential; the use of questioning and honest challenge; the provision of information and suggestions (when appropriate); the use of tools and diagnostics; and the provision of support and review during the execution phase.